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Pequod Press

Pequod Press is the home of American author John F. Carr's works as well as those of H. Beam Piper and other related releases. Pequod Press was started in 1981 by John F. Carr so that he could publish quality books without outside editorial interference. Currently, Pequod Press publishes 3 to 4 books annually. Here you can buy all John's and other related authors books.

Pequod Press : www.pequodpress.com

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David Lanchester Military Books

David Lanchester's Military books specialises in good quality military books including rare military books and out of print items. These range from ancient, medieval and renaissance periods through the Napoleonic period and into the 20th century. Added to these, there are many wargame related titles.

David Lanchester Military Books : www.davidlanchestermilitarybooks.co.uk

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War World Central

War World is a science fiction shared-world series created by Jerry E. Pournelle and John F. Carr, which takes place in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium and Empire of Man future history. This site for American author John F. Carr provides details of the War World series of books, the background to them and the opportunity to buy them on-line.

War World Central : www.warworldcentral.com

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Advanced Technical Software

This is the web site for a successful Systems Integration company operating within the Process Control and Automation market. Advanced Technical Software provides standard and bespoke solutions for a wide variety of companies around the world.

Advanced Technical Software : www.advancedtechnicalsoftware.co.uk

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